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Making CDM Plans, HAs &
Mental Health Treatment Plans

Ease of Work-Peace of Mind

We Made Chronic Disease Management Easy!

We pride ourselves in creating solutions to make life easy for GPs and Nurses to perform their day to day clinical activities.

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Benefits to nurses

Ease of work

Less admin burden

More time for patient education


Benefits to GPs

Peace of mind

Improve billing variability

Higher MBS confidence  


Benefits to managers

Monitor audit failure risks

High ROI on CDMs

Quality control made easy


Integrated with your BP, MD, and Zedmed

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Low admin burden

  1. Automatic letter creation

  2. Instant file uploading

  3. Real-time TCA collaboration

  4. Minimal data entry

  5. Click and select function 



Ease of work

  1. Easy TCA referrals 

  2. Easy document comparison

  3. Easy compliance monitoring

  4. Easy reporting 

  5. Easy review and renewal tracking


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MBS compliance

  1. Designed to meet MBS requirements

  2. Reduce TCA and 'Review' compliance gaps in your practice

  3. Bringing your entire team to comply with what is expected.


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Peace of mind

  1. MBS compliance enhancement 

  2. Designed to meet MBS requirements

  3. Increase CDM variability 

  4. Standardisation of care plans and health assessments 



Easy documentation

  1. Covers over 130 chronic conditions

  2. Personalisation of content easily

  3. Automatic variation of content for each chronic condition  



Enhanced clinical care

  1. Based on national and international chronic disease management frameworks 

  2. Based on social determinants of health 

  3. Holistic care plans, health assessments and mental health treatment plans 

  4. Heart Health Check is co-developed with Heart Foundation Australia


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Easy to learn

  1. Takes about 15-20 min 

  2. Plenty of assistance

  3. Simple navigation 

  4. Master at your own pace  



Competitive advantage

  1.  Create higher GP satisfaction 

  2. Improve patient satisfaction 

  3. Reduce waiting time for care plans and health assessments 

  4. Build regular patients 

Medical Consultation

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