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Making CDM Plans

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We know GPs, Nurses and Practice Managers work hard to bring

the best clinical care for the patients.

That is why we aim to provide you with a tool that makes your work easier so that

you have more time and peace of mind to go home with one less stress!


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MyGPMPtool (MGT)

Reducing the burden!

Undoubtedly, your practice nurses bear most of the administrative burden in Chronic Disease Management plans in most practices, yet, there is very little support available to reduce their work burden.

MGT comes with features to make documentation, recalls, reminders, note-keeping, liaising with TCA members, and many more tasks easy.


By removing much of the burden, MGT can free up your nurses' and GPs' hands for more clinical care!

" By removing most of the admin tasks from nurses and GPs, MGT can make your work so easy."

"minimize occasional oversights and create CDM plans with a holistic health approach to capture Medicare requirements."

Enhanced Patient Care and Customer Satisfaction!

Over and over again, we hear this from patients.

“We want my doctor to listen to me…” It may look simple from the outset, but this gives us a clear and strong message.

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

MyGPMPtool (MGT) is designed to bring your focus back to patient-centred care. Simply by lifting your burden in the documentation, workflow and compliance fears, we can help your practitioners to focus on clinical care!

Management, Monitoring and Practice Performance Enhancement!

Chronic Disease Management brings revenue in various ways.


CDM care is linked to PIP, regular patient numbers, service consumption and ultimately, to your total practice revenue. It also comes with a cost burden!

MyGPMPtool (MGT) comes with features to assist practice managers and owners in monitoring and managing your CDM costs and revenue.

"Features to support everyday challenges of every Practice Manager, MGT has made it so simple and easy to manage your CDM care." 


With MGT, time-saving is about using software systems to manage admin tasks and documentation.


It is about giving your nurses and GPs a system that enables easy, efficient intuitive note keeping, document handling and much more.

MyGPMPtool is designed to save time in typing, scanning, faxing, and documentations.


Intuitive interface, easy navigation and options to choose what is relevant in just a few clicks can save time and energy in your ‘Care Planning’ process.

"Automatic letter creations, instant document transfers, streamlined connection with a wide variety of team members in TCA, automatic follow up on CDM reminders are just a few of features to make the nurses' life easy."

Medicare Compliance!

As for accountability, professional integrity and ethical practice are governed by Medicare audits, compliance in Medicare standards needs to be an integral part of your daily practice.

There is no simple solution to this but having systems that allow you to maximise your compliance requirements means you give your GPs, nurses, owners much needed peace of mind.


MyGPMPtool (MGT) is designed based on

  1. National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions by COAGS- Health Council, Australia.

  2. Healthy People 2020 Approach to Social Determinants of Health - 5 key Areas of Social Determinant of Health (Healthy people 2020-Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion).

  3. Guidelines for preventative activities in general practice to align with the five domains of general practice.

The workflow and CDM process within MyGPMPtool (MGT) software is based on the best available information to meet the MBS standards, so you and your staff will not have to think and worry about MBS compliance each time you perform a CDM plan!

Key Features & Benefits

User-friendly and Easy to Use

More Cost-savings


More Income and Profits

100+ Chronic Diseases

Easy to Learn and Easy to Train

Comprehensive & MBS Compliance

Easy to Manage

Highly Secured

Peace of Mind


While we save time, reduce your burden, costs and enhance MBS compliance, you can focus on growing your business 

MGT has made it so easy to focus on clinical care than paper care! MGT has eliminated most of the admin tasks. Once the CDM plans are done, I'm very satisfied with the easiness on creating very comprehensive CDM plans.

In a busy day, even the slightest help in reducing paperwork is a huge advantage. 

Dr Md Nadim, Hamilton Family Practice Vic

"This tool provides the most comprehensive GPMP/TCA and HA I have ever witnessed in my career to date. This tool is time efficient and gives our nursing team and GPs an opportunity to educate the patients thoroughly rather than spend a lot of time typing up care plans.


Our in-house allied health professionals are also able to access the referrals and EPCs through their own portal which eliminates our receptionists spending time faxing paperwork.

MGT team give the absolute best support of any company that I have ever dealt with. I am utterly amazed at how quickly they always respond to questions that we have. Their magnificent service is what any company should strive towards. We appreciate their proactive approach and ability to suggest improvements "

Anita Segal-Trans Ax Health Care

Assistant state manager: NSW, VIC, ACT

MGT Has been a must-use software in our clinic in preparation of GPMP, TCA & GPMP review. It is user-friendly, easily accessible from any device, time-saving, comprehensive & most importantly, the patient can participate online from his/her computer. It is very effective as patients can read GPMP in their convenient time from home or office. Moreover, it fulfils all the tick boxes for MBS requirements. We are very happy as a team in our clinic using the software. I would highly recommend it.

Dr. Sazeedul Islam

North Richmond Family Practice, NSW 


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