Allied Health Referral Made Easy


We Made Allied Health Referrals Easy!

We pride ourselves in creating solutions to make life easy for GPs and Nurses to perform their day to day clinical activities.

The Team Care Arrangement is an important part of care coordination in any Chronic Disease Management Plan, but it comes with its own challenges!

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Fast referrals

Once a patient is referred to you, the paperwork goes through multiple steps before it reaches the allied health practitioner.


This can not only frustrate the patient but also delay in delivery of care!


That's why MGT has made it easy to make the completed CDM documents, EPC and other referrals reach allied health practices securely.


Saves time

Accordingly to our observation, over 20% of CDM documents are either incomplete or misplaced when they reach the allied health practice.


This means unnecessary phone calls to and from the general practice, wasting valuable business time.


MGT comes with features to conveniently avoid these phone calls, leaving your staff free to engage and serve your next patient!


It's free!

TCA and allied health portals are completely free for allied health practitioners.

MGT is a fast-growing application within general practices.


You can register your interest by filling the form below or get an invitation from your GP practice.