Mental Health Treatment Plans Made Easy

We Made Mental Health Treatment Plans Easy!

We pride ourselves in creating solutions to make life easy for GPs and Nurses to perform their day to day clinical activities.

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Not like any other presentation, Mental Health Treatment Plan requests can not be postponed. Often they come to GPs with a standard consultation. Taking history and trying to understand the problem itself can be challenging.  
When you are already running behind and have a patient for a mental health plan, this can be a challenge as you want the best for your patient.

That's why we have made it so easy!


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Documentation made easy 

Managing a patient with mental health issues is not easy.


Taking a detailed mental health history, assessing risks, discussing the treatment plan and doing mental health treatment plan and its paperwork when you are running behind is challenging.


That's why MGT has made it easy.

With MGT, documentation is never going to be stressful!

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Enjoy convenience

There are a lot of things that are not convenient in General Practice.


While many expect GPs to do more for less, we promise to make your work more convenient.


MGT comes with features to conveniently customise MHTPs for various age groups and presentations.

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Have a choice

Unfortunately, GPs have to work with what they have, what they have is not what they want.

For a very long time, all they had was a collection of 'templates' that rarely get replaced.


For the first time, now GPs have a choice. You don't need to feel 'choiceless', talk to your practice manager to get yours.