Heart Health Check Made Easy


We Made Heart Health Check Easy!

We pride ourselves in creating solutions to make life easy for GPs and Nurses to perform their day to day clinical activities.

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Heart Health Check involves multiple risk factor analyses, calculations and planning to be MBS compliant.


This means, when you do a Heart Health Check, you may have to open and close multiple screens.


That's why MGT has made it easy to complete Heart Health Checks giving one single platform from start to finish so that you can run on time.

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Less admin burden

Every Heart Health Check you do, you save a life but also you add multiple admin tasks that you may not even notice.


MGT comes with features to conveniently avoid these multiple yet important admin tasks making your practice financially viable.


It's free!

Together with Heart Foundation Australia, we want to see more lives are saved.

That's why we have made the Heart Health Check through MGT made free!


You can register your interest by filling the form below and enjoy the free assistance to save lives and grow your business.


By incorporating the most popular templates from Heart Foundation's Heart Health Check Toolkit into a software platform, we created MGT-HHC.