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We Made Heart Health Check Easy!

We pride ourselves in creating solutions to make life easy for GPs and Nurses to perform their day to day clinical activities.

By incorporating the most popular templates from Heart Foundation's Heart Health Check Toolkit into a software platform, we created MGT-HHC.




  • Saves time 

  • Completes a comprehensive Heart Health Check in few easy steps 

  • Calculates CVD risk score automatically 

  • Increases detection of high-risk patients for further CDM care

  • Makes HHC financially sustainable for all GPs

  • Improves clinical care 

  • Enhances MBS compliance 

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MyGPMPtool (MGT) App in Topbar is designed to perform MBS items 699 / 177 easily.

MGT-HHC is available as a FREE subscription for all GP practices.

What is next?

Topbar users: Practice managers can sign up through Topbar

Non-topbar users: Contact us to start the sign-up process