About Us

We know you work hard. MyGPMPtool is specifically designed to make your life easy,

yet achieve a far better outcome for you and your patients!

That's our mission!

We are in the Health Business

MyGPMPtool is a software developed and owned by Modern Innovations Pty Ltd, an Australian Healthcare technology company with global service orientation. MyGPMPtool is distributed in Australia by GPMP Australia Pty Ltd.

Our journey started with Evalitica, a software designed to manage public health projects both by government and nongovernmental sectors globally. As proud inventors of  'OrkZen' a global strategic management methodology, we have come a long way in the healthcare business.

We Focus on Efficiency, Productivity and Profitability 

We know running a medical practice is not easy. With increasing demand for medical practices to do 'more' for 'less', the traditional business model is no longer sustainable.


In most cases, the current care planning process is

  1. Not user friendly

  2. Time wasting

  3. Cumbersome

  4. Costly and

  5. Can put you and your practice at increased risk of 'Medicare-Audit' failures.

While we congratulate for all your achievements through hard work, we definitely want to assist you to do better.

That's why we have three simple objectives for MyGPMPtool.

  1. Efficiency by working smart not hard

  2. Productivity through better utilisation of time

  3. Profitability through smarter, better Medicare-compliant billing

20 years of experience in what you do

We have over 20 years of experience in both health and business behind us.

Our diverse group of professionals in practice management, general practice, business development, strategic consultancy and Information technology have lived your life, before moving into software development.

We understand your needs

We understand the complexities of everyday business in every GP practice, big or small.


Whether you are a junior practice manager working your way up or a senior manager with years of experience, we have got your back.

That's why we have kept it simple yet effective.
Remember, our motto is to "make your life easy."