About us

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We Made Working Easy!

We pride ourselves on creating solutions to make life easy for GPs and Nurses to perform their day-to-day clinical activities.

It all started over a coffee!

In 2017, a GP who was frustrated with the inefficient care planning process in his own GP practice decided to change his work life!
All he wanted was a simple system that was affordable and capable of creating ease of work and peace of mind.

Realising that GPs had no choices but to use what was available as templates,
he contacted a few of his friends in nursing, academia, IT, legal, management and before he knew it, MyGPMPtool (MGT) was born! 


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Australian own

MyGPMPtool is a software developed and owned by Modern Innovations Pty Ltd, an Australian Healthcare technology company with a global service orientation. MyGPMPtool is distributed in Australia by GPMP Australia Pty Ltd.

Our journey started with Evalitica, a software designed to manage public health projects both by government and nongovernmental sectors globally. As proud inventors of  'OrkZen' a global strategic management methodology, we have come a long way in the healthcare business.

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Efficiency focused

We know running a medical practice is not easy. With the increasing demand for medical practices to do 'more' for 'less', the traditional business model is no longer sustainable.

With a low-profit margin and often barely meeting a profit, if not for the principal GPs, most practices can not even survive.

Having built multiple practices, we know where the money goes without your even noticing, that's why we are so focused on efficiency!

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20 years in health and business

We have over 20 years of experience in both health and business behind us.

Our diverse group of professionals in practice management, general practice, business development, strategic consultancy and Information technology have lived your life before moving into software development.



Developed by Health Practitioners 

We are a group of GPs, practice nurses, managers, practice owners supported by IT nerds, legal teams, security experts, management consultants and others who love general practice!

It is because we still work in general practice, and we love to work easy and go home with less stress!

We are not interested in teaching how you should practise medicine; we are only here to make it easy!